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Help Through Hardship

After experiencing a loss, a friend went to Bespoke Therapy who are good at helping those who are in times of hardship. They helped her to take a step back and review and refocus on certain aspects of her life. She felt very comfortable with the therapist here ad said as well as being professional, they were approachable and friendly.

This blog was posted Wednesday 17th July 2019 : 11.33 am

Tried and Tested Solutions

Does your public building suffer from blocked urinals? Are you looking for a solution? My friend manages a theatre which is busy all year round. The urinals could often be blocked and they needed a solution to this. They had heard positive recommendations of a company called Chem Assist who provided tried and tested solutions to blocked urinals. They are very pleased with the outcome and the theatre no longer suffers from blocked urinals... even in their busier seasons!

This blog was posted Wednesday 3rd July 2019 : 09.37 am

Accountancy for business

My manager was looking for a new firm to deal with the businesses accountancy needs. Dominic Hill were recommended and were set to hand in dealing with the needs of the business. Dominic Hill were very good with the detail of the businesses affairs and were able to put into action the tasks that were at hand.

This blog was posted Tuesday 21st May 2019 : 12.19 pm

Solid wood timber frames

My friend was looking at investing in a new wooden garden shed. She searched and couldn`t find what she was looking for until a friend of hers recommended Shop for Garden Timber garage kits. She went and ordered what she needed and was very impressed with the quality and extensive choice that Shop for Garden provided. The set of instructions were easy to read and was easy to assemble.

This blog was posted Tuesday 21st May 2019 : 11.54 am

Group dog walking

My friend was looking for someone to walk her dogs. My friend worked different shifts and found that she did not always have the time to walk them. K9 Adventures were approached and were very helpful in discussing the different plans and options for dog walking. A really good plan was devised.

This blog was posted Tuesday 14th May 2019 : 09.33 am

Dignity and Respect

My friend recommends Normanhurst care home as her friend had been living there very happily and comfortably for the past year. A bed became available and so moved in. The staff are so very helpful and friendly and treated residents with dignity and the utmost respect. The standard of care here is excellent and the facilities are great.

This blog was posted Friday 10th May 2019 : 10.21 am

Real-time Reading of Electricity Usage

My neighbour installed the Eco-Eye Smart PC and was pleasantly surprised by this piece of kit! It was simple to use and came with a concise set of instructions. He tested it out on the kettle to see if it worked and it did! He received a real-time reading of electricity usage. He was satisfied at how he was able to get perspective on his electricity usage. He was also suitably impressed by the PC connectivity feature and how reasonable the price was.

This blog was posted Wednesday 8th May 2019 : 10.04 am

Heating gone bust

My mum`s heating went bust in November and we couldn`t fix it and it was urgent that the issue was solved before the winter got worse. After phoning around and getting a few quotes, there was one company who stuck out amongst the rest - Ansell Plumbing . The gentleman here were all friendly and professional on the phone and even nicer in person. They were courteous in my mother`s house and put her at ease. The work they did was brilliant and they got the heating up and running in time for my mum to have a warm and comfortable winter.

This blog was posted Wednesday 24th April 2019 : 11.25 am

Eastbourne Suntrap

My friend wanted to visit Eastbourne as she had heard that it was a lovely place to visit. My friend was looking for a place to stay and looked at Tudor House. My friend stated that Tudor House was a very pleasant place to stay and was very pleased by the service that she had received. Tudor House was very near the Eastbourne Seafront and was very close to the local amenities there.

This blog was posted Tuesday 23rd April 2019 : 12.25 pm

Delightful English Resort

My friend wanted to visit Eastbourne and he was looking for places to stay. He was particularly interested in staying near the Promenade and Pier. Arden House was a stone throws away from the beach and had fantastic amenities and hosts.

This blog was posted Tuesday 23rd April 2019 : 11.14 am