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Southern Events were bespoke! My friend contacted them to arrange a time together to discuss what could be done to arrange a 50th birthday party for her son! A lot of detail and information was given to the different ways that a special bespoke party could be arranged! It was creative and fun and inspiring to watch and see how well the different options could be presented.

This blog was posted Monday 26th November 2018 : 09.58 am

Engrossing training

My daughter said that she never knew training days could be so fun and worthwhile. She has had to do many training days at her work and all of them she found to be a drag. She had her first aid training the other month with a training provider called First Aid for You. She said that all of her co-workers had positive things to say about the day and how it was orchestrated. The team were engrossed the whole day and enjoyed it thoroughly.

This blog was posted Thursday 18th October 2018 : 10.13 am

Reliable accountants

My husband is always impressed by the willing and helpful nature of Taxave Accountants who go over and above to provide an exceptional service. The advice and support are excellent and they conduct themselves well. My husband has referred them to some of his clients in recent months. The team always seem to understand and are reliable accountants.

This blog was posted Friday 7th September 2018 : 11.43 am

Immaculate car valeting

My daughter was planning on selling her mini cooper to a friend and wanted to ensure that it was in tip-top condition before doing so. It ran perfectly but she needed the car valeted inside and out. For this, she contacted Eastbourne Car Valeting who are a local company in the area. She was very happy with the price but even more so the service. When the car was returned to her she absolutely stunned at the results! The car was immaculate inside with no crumbs or dirty finger marks to be seen. It was so clean and looked so good that she was reconsidering selling it!! Great job!!

This blog was posted Thursday 19th April 2018 : 12.29 pm

Professional yet personable

Another fantastic tiling job completed by ASAP Roofing recently. My sister owns multiple properties and has used the services of this company previously on a leaky roof on one of her properties. Thankfully, she kept their contact details and called them again but this time for a larger scale job. From the great work they have carried out before, my sister had full confidence in this company and that they could deliver and for a price that wouldn't break the bank. The team were friendly as always and were kind enough to ask her how business was going. She highly recommends this company to anyone who is seeking professional yet personable roofers to carry out repairs for any sized job.

This blog was posted Friday 6th April 2018 : 01.55 pm

Roof repairs

My friend needed a roofing company and she chose SB Roofing after hearing good things. The guys that came to inspect and repair her roof were superbly professional. They arrived bang on time and were very were courteous and removed their shoes when they came in inside. They provided an outstanding service for a good price. They repaired her roof in no time at all and she feels very confident in their services and would gladly use them again in the future.

This blog was posted Wednesday 4th April 2018 : 11.59 am


P Batten Flooring was really helpful throughout the process of doing my brothers flooring. He chose to have Marmoleum flooring fitted in his study and was really impressed by the expertise of this company. They were thorough and prompt with all aspects of the job and communication. They showed him a whole host of samples and shades which he enjoyed looking through however it only made things more difficult for my brother as all the flooring samples were beautiful! The guys who delivered and installed the flooring were professional and very warm and friendly.

This blog was posted Friday 16th March 2018 : 04.03 pm

Practical and attractive

After searching for weeks for a competitive price my parents finally found Winchester Blinds who were the perfect company for the job. They wanted low maintenance blinds fitted around their home which was practical to use but attractive and stylish too. They browsed through the collection which was current and stunning, before settling on 3 blue pleated blinds, 1 white roman blind, and 3 large grey verticle blinds. The process was made easy thanks to their competent knowledge and experience in supplying and fitting blinds. All of the blinds allow for maximum light control whilst remaining practical and easy to clean.

This blog was posted Friday 16th February 2018 : 12.37 pm

Routine cleans

An amazing oven clean was performed by Oven Cleaning Company on my neighbours oven and what a fantastic job they did. They cleaned the entire exterior of the oven, the handles, hobs and the grill, as well as the interior and the glass door. My neighbour is particularly pleased with the glass door as she can now see through it again! She said it was excellent value for money considering the brilliant completion. No mess was left behind, just a pristine oven. She said she will use this company every 6 months for a routine oven clean and has no hesitations recommending them.

This blog was posted Tuesday 13th February 2018 : 01.29 pm

A Booking System for a Retreat Centre

My friend runs a retreat Centre and was looking for a company that could help with an efficient booking system. A lot of her bookings had been taken over the phone and this was proving to be time-consuming and ineffective with costs. A lot of people these days like to book online and particularly like to book from their phones. It is also helpful to be able to make a booking outside office hours, especially in the evening and weekends when information can be discussed with a partner or loved one first. Implementing an online booking system is a fantastic way to create an easy and cost-effective system for any hotel, B&B or retreat centre. Best Bookings were contacted and got to work to instal the system straight away.

This blog was posted Tuesday 13th February 2018 : 11.00 am