Tried and Tested Solutions

Does your public building suffer from blocked urinals? Are you looking for a solution? My friend manages a theatre which is busy all year round. The urinals could often be blocked and they needed a solution to this. They had heard positive recommendations of a company called Chem Assist who provided tried and tested solutions to blocked urinals. They are very pleased with the outcome and the theatre no longer suffers from blocked urinals... even in their busier seasons!

This blog was posted Wednesday 3rd July 2019 : 09.37 am

Accountancy for business

My manager was looking for a new firm to deal with the businesses accountancy needs. Dominic Hill were recommended and were set to hand in dealing with the needs of the business. Dominic Hill were very good with the detail of the businesses affairs and were able to put into action the tasks that were at hand.

This blog was posted Tuesday 21st May 2019 : 12.19 pm


My friend was self-employed and could not get a mortgage. She met with a specialist advisor from I need some help who was able to register me and help me find a mortgage.

This blog was posted Tuesday 16th April 2019 : 10.33 am

Reliable accountants

My husband is always impressed by the willing and helpful nature of Taxave Accountants who go over and above to provide an exceptional service. The advice and support are excellent and they conduct themselves well. My husband has referred them to some of his clients in recent months. The team always seem to understand and are reliable accountants.

This blog was posted Friday 7th September 2018 : 11.43 am

Enjoyable training day

My daughter works odd hours and the staff rota is never regular due to the nature of the work. They recently had their fire safety training day with ETC Fire company. By what my daughter said, this company sound brilliant and really catered to the companies rota so that they could get everyone who worked there trained up. My daughter said they were a breath of fresh air and highly professional. The training was fun and interesting and she said she had a really enjoyable day with her work colleagues.

This blog was posted Thursday 25th January 2018 : 03.51 pm

No time wasters

My inlaws have insured their home and car with Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers. They feel as though their rates and services are great and as for their customer service and willingness to support them, they thought was second to none. All of the staff they came into contact with they said were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. It meant a great deal to them that his insurance firm made the process very straightforward to them, as in previous years they had come across a lot of time wasters.

This blog was posted Thursday 11th January 2018 : 12.52 pm