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Solid wood timber frames

My friend was looking at investing in a new wooden garden shed. She searched and couldn`t find what she was looking for until a friend of hers recommended Shop for Garden Timber garage kits. She went and ordered what she needed and was very impressed with the quality and extensive choice that Shop for Garden provided. The set of instructions were easy to read and was easy to assemble.

This blog was posted Tuesday 21st May 2019 : 11.54 am

Group dog walking

My friend was looking for someone to walk her dogs. My friend worked different shifts and found that she did not always have the time to walk them. K9 Adventures were approached and were very helpful in discussing the different plans and options for dog walking. A really good plan was devised.

This blog was posted Tuesday 14th May 2019 : 09.33 am

Dignity and Respect

My friend recommends Normanhurst care home as her friend had been living there very happily and comfortably for the past year. A bed became available and so moved in. The staff are so very helpful and friendly and treated residents with dignity and the utmost respect. The standard of care here is excellent and the facilities are great.

This blog was posted Friday 10th May 2019 : 10.21 am

Real-time Reading of Electricity Usage

My neighbour installed the Eco-Eye Smart PC and was pleasantly surprised by this piece of kit! It was simple to use and came with a concise set of instructions. He tested it out on the kettle to see if it worked and it did! He received a real-time reading of electricity usage. He was satisfied at how he was able to get perspective on his electricity usage. He was also suitably impressed by the PC connectivity feature and how reasonable the price was.

This blog was posted Wednesday 8th May 2019 : 10.04 am

Heating gone bust

My mum`s heating went bust in November and we couldn`t fix it and it was urgent that the issue was solved before the winter got worse. After phoning around and getting a few quotes, there was one company who stuck out amongst the rest - Ansell Plumbing . The gentleman here were all friendly and professional on the phone and even nicer in person. They were courteous in my mother`s house and put her at ease. The work they did was brilliant and they got the heating up and running in time for my mum to have a warm and comfortable winter.

This blog was posted Wednesday 24th April 2019 : 11.25 am

Stove Top

My friend was looking for a particular design that could be managed and well implanted. Naked Tiler were called in to help with the task. My friend wanted little tiles surrounding the upper part of the wall surrounding the stove top. Naked Tiler were set to work at helping with this task and did this very well!

This blog was posted Tuesday 23rd April 2019 : 10.45 am

Professional yet personable

Another fantastic tiling job completed by ASAP Roofing recently. My sister owns multiple properties and has used the services of this company previously on a leaky roof on one of her properties. Thankfully, she kept their contact details and called them again but this time for a larger scale job. From the great work they have carried out before, my sister had full confidence in this company and that they could deliver and for a price that wouldn't break the bank. The team were friendly as always and were kind enough to ask her how business was going. She highly recommends this company to anyone who is seeking professional yet personable roofers to carry out repairs for any sized job.

This blog was posted Friday 6th April 2018 : 01.55 pm

Roof repairs

My friend needed a roofing company and she chose SB Roofing after hearing good things. The guys that came to inspect and repair her roof were superbly professional. They arrived bang on time and were very were courteous and removed their shoes when they came in inside. They provided an outstanding service for a good price. They repaired her roof in no time at all and she feels very confident in their services and would gladly use them again in the future.

This blog was posted Wednesday 4th April 2018 : 11.59 am

Routine cleans

An amazing oven clean was performed by Oven Cleaning Company on my neighbours oven and what a fantastic job they did. They cleaned the entire exterior of the oven, the handles, hobs and the grill, as well as the interior and the glass door. My neighbour is particularly pleased with the glass door as she can now see through it again! She said it was excellent value for money considering the brilliant completion. No mess was left behind, just a pristine oven. She said she will use this company every 6 months for a routine oven clean and has no hesitations recommending them.

This blog was posted Tuesday 13th February 2018 : 01.29 pm

Wonderful service provided

My grandad was so thankful that Mrs Ovens came round to do a professional oven clean for him. He has two large ovens and the dirty hobs which needed a serious deep clean. The results were wonderful and the ovens and hobs are impeccably clean. She cleaned the two ovens and hobs within the time quoted and worked very swiftly and left no mess behind. The standard of the service was very high and the lady was very pleasant and sweet. His ovens have never looked quite so pristine, they look as though they could be brand new ovens. The cost of the service provided was very good too.

This blog was posted Monday 5th February 2018 : 11.37 am

Focused workers

My dear friend is very pleased with her new boiler and so thankful that it was installed in good time for the colder winter months. She has praised the engineer from Sam Mercer Plumbing and the amazing work that he carried out in her flat, the engineer she said worked very hard and even tidied up after himself which was a bonus. The customer service was personable and she even remarked on how focused the engineer was.

This blog was posted Thursday 11th January 2018 : 12.57 pm